Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Scheduled Activity for February 1, 2006
Beginner: 1 mile run, 30 min. walk
Expert: 5 mile run

Duh! I have been keeping track of my workouts on a calendar on a website that has a training program for a 25k on May 13. I have kept track for a whole month and not once did I see what they suggest as a scheduled activity for that particular day. So this was the scheduled workout for today, and I am happy to see that I surpassed what I was supposed to do. I actually ran again this morning outside for 34:56. While it wasn't as good as yesterday, I probably could have gone longer if I had had more time. I had to take a few walk breaks, but nothing more than across an intersection, or around a corner. I actually went 4 blocks farther this morning.

It was fun to once again be watching the world wake up and get going, watching all the coffee shops getting busy, kids waiting for busses, people out walking dogs. I startled a rabbit (in the city no less), but it was not a wild rabbit. It looked like someone's pet that had either gotten loose or was let loose. I have had rabbits, and this was definitely a one-time pet.

While I had not planned to run tomorrow, my "scheduled activity" calls for a 2 mile run. And while I should be in the "expert" category, sadly I fail that test for now.

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