Thursday, February 09, 2006


It is cold this morning, windchill of 10 degrees. I could feel it walking into the Y. I could feel it in the pool. The pool is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows and every stroke when my elbow came out of the water, I could feel the cold. I could feel the cold walking back to the showers. I am still feeling the cold at my desk, in the NW corner of my building, by the windows. Well that won't last much longer. Once the office renovations are done, I will be relegated to looking at a closed door all day and not out at the municipal plaza. As for the cold, next week I will be in hot Arizona, so hopefully it stays that way for a week or two.

My back is aching today. It started yesterday morning after I had been at work a while. It didn't bother me on my run and I didn't think of it much last night. But when I got up this morning, my left side is very sore. I probably need a good massage and adjustment, but that is supposed to be Monday and Tuesday before leaving for Arizona. Not sure if I can wait that long though.

I suppose that contributed to my slow swim today. I swam 22:59 for 1000 yds. I usually can do this around 20 min. I suppose I could have miscounted my laps, but that would add maybe 50 more yards.

The lower back is really aching, almost feeling compressed. I haven't done anything different than run longer than usual but in more comfortable shoes.

I can't win. Something always has to be hurting.

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