Monday, February 27, 2006

Okay, I'm bad. I know, and I apologize to anyone who reads this for doing what I have been doing lately. What might that be, you wonder? What possible thing could I do that would offend any athlete or gym user out there?

I hog 2 lockers at the gym. All the time now. I don't need them. I just want them. I am tired of people crowding me. I want more than 8 inches of space to put my stuff and get ready whenever I go, which is almost every day.

It has never ceased to amaze me that no matter where I put my lock on a locker, no matter how many empty lockers there are around me, someone ALWAYS uses the locker next to me, and without fail, ALWAYS needs to get in there within minutes of me opening mine. Everyone is always polite and apologetic for being in someone's way, but hello! Did you not see my lock on the locker BEFORE you showed up? These things are not preassigned. You have more than one choice of where to go! We have 500 lockers in my Y locker room. I always check to see if someone is next to me before I stick my lock on a locker, for this very reason.

So I have taken it upon myself to use two lockers, preferably on the end of a row, to keep people from piling on top of me. I don't need that much space, but the space I need I want for my stuff and not someone else's sweaty clothes or wet towels.

One woman there takes more room than anyone else. She takes a locker and a full bench every time, AND spreads a full sized towel out on the counter and lays out her stuff in a row to use, apparently in the order needed. I work out of my bag and return the stuff as used to my bag. I only need a plug and a few inches of space to do the hair.

So whip me now with a wet towel, but I am not going to change!

Today's workout: 25 laps in 26 min. in the pool. A little sluggish but I haven't really swam in almost 3 weeks. I want to get back to 1 lap per minute or less.

Indoor triathlon coming up on March 18, and I want to do better than the last one.

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Fe-lady said...

Ha! This very same thing happened to me on Friday of last week...I was getting ready for a swim and some young thing came in and grabbed a spot RIGHT NEXT to me...(I believe we were the only ones in the locker room at the this "locker room law" or something??) Then when we were both trying to get ready to leave after our workouts, all she did was complain how cramped the locker room was, and "was I done yet?" (when I walked over to dry my hair) as she was going to plop her bag where mine had been. I kept a smile on my fact the whole time, but desperately wanted to choke her!