Wednesday, February 08, 2006

If I hadn't overslept this morning, I would have gotten my 45 min. in on the treadmill, part of the training schedule for the day. But having to work out at lunch time meant cutting it short, so I only got in 36 min. A little over 3 miles. Did the run 5 walk 1 today, trying to be careful with my foot. So far, it seems that changing shoes has helped quite a bit. No more stiffness or stinging pain in the heel. It could be the shorter distances too. I guess I won't know until the longer run this weekend again.

I really hate the rush rush of working out at lunch time. First of all, it takes at least 1 1/2 hrs to go to the gym. For a 3 mile, it seems like too much time, but you can't get around it. If I go to the Y by my office, it takes almost 15 min. to drive there, get in the parking lot, circle around for a space, wait for a space, and then walk the almost 2 blocks into the building. Then you have to repeat it when you leave. Instead, I drive to a Y that is about 15 miles away and can get to working out faster than the one by my office. Its crazy and makes no sense, but it is all highway driving, close to the highway, and ample parking, and usually a parking spot within 100 feet of the door. Its not that I am too lazy to walk two blocks to the building, it is just a time consuming thing and gets me annoyed before I even start working out. Not to mention having to either change work shoes to walking shoes and having them slopped up to wear inside, or taking baby steps with the heels to avoid falling or slipping.

The only problem with today was I did not have a lunch packed because of getting up late so was going to stop. I decided not to when I saw that I was already 1 1/2 hours away from the office, so decided to slip out later and get something. As luck would finally have it for me, there was leftover food from an office meeting, and I came upon that just as I was getting back to the office. The receptionist said, "Hurry, there's leftovers from the meeting." Yeah!

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