Friday, February 24, 2006

Less than a month until Spring. At least in theory here in the frozen Midwest. It gets cold, warms up, gets cold, and stays that way. But the positive is that we are on the upside of winter. After spending a week in the sunny and relatively warm southwest, Michigan looks bleaker all the time. We have crappy weather. We have no jobs. The only thing that keeps me here is my family and job, and the job is only for the money side of it. I could go to the Cayman Islands and get a job making as much and pay no taxes.

And the workouts during the vacation happened easily. Get up around 7 am, sit around drinking coffee, have a light breakfast, and then get ready to run. No complaints. Here, I have to not only force myself to get up an hour and a half earlier to do the workout, but then have to force myself to do the workout. It is cold. It is dark. I know others have the same thing. But I don't like it. And as time goes on, I like it less and less. So back to the treadmill today, as opposed to running in the sunshine. Outside. In shorts. In February. I never want to hear anyone who lives south or southwest complain about the weather. I know it gets too hot during the summer afternoons, but morning workouts are the way to go. You're done for the day then.

I always say those of us from the cold weather states need to be given extra points for dealing with the frozen tundra. There is nothing worse than being cold. It is a form of torture. It breaks your concentration. It makes you want to hibernate. Oh yeah, we can feel smug about getting up at o dark thirty, braving the cold for miles and miles, but some would call this lunacy, and I am starting to agree.

And then, to make it worse, we have the lovely summer months where the humidity is 90%, the air is heavy and unbreathable, and Lake Michigan still isn't warm enough to enjoy a swim. We are lucky if we have a window of maybe 8-10 weeks all year of pleasant weather, pleasant meaning temperatures at least in the 60s, no wind, low humidity, and sunshine at least 50% of the day.

So do you think I'm missing Arizona??

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