Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In approximately 36 hours I will be landing in Phoenix, Arizona. I will be spending time with family and friends, Ellie in particular. Looking forward to it!

I will also be running the 10k Lost Dutchman race. I had thought of doing the half marathon, but as noted from past posts, my heel problem was not allowing me to move forward fast enough to be in that kind of shape that soon. The 10k will be a pacing type race. I want to see if I can hold a certain walk/run pattern for the whole race AND finish in a respectable time (for me).

I am also linking up with family who are already in Apache Junction and two others flying in at the same time as I am. What a coincidence. This will be the first time since my mom died (5 yrs.) that I will be able to visit with her sister and two brothers at the same time, so it will be a sort of family reunion. I only wish my kids were going now.

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Ellie said...

Wow.... are those THUNDERCLOUDS behind that saguaro???

We've just finished day 118 without rain. And mostly without clouds. Hope it stays like that for the weekend!!!