Friday, February 10, 2006


Hmmm. Could that be because I have worked the last 12 days straight, getting up at 5:15 or earlier all but 2 days?? I am so glad I am not working this weekend! I work far too many weekends. I sometimes wonder why, but it helps pay the bills. I wonder if I will ever be done with bills. I think I have worked at least 50 hrs. a week for the past 20 years. Non stop.

Maybe this is why I am too tired to train. Maybe this is why I have gained weight over the past 5 years--sitting at least 40 hrs. a week. Maybe this high stress job is why I have become depressed and lazy. Who knows. I know I need a break.

Next week I leave for Phoenix. I am not mentally or physically prepared for this. My back is aching. I am tired. I have nothing ready or planned to pack. I want to go, but it will be a hassle. I will have to work many more hours to make up for 1 week in the sunshine. But I know I need this.

Tomorrow's planned workout will hopefully be 6 miles or more. It will most likely be done on the treadmill. My Donald will be running a 5k. I thought of signing up for this earlier in the year, but it will cut into my "training." I need to be running while he is racing.

I also need for him to understand that even though I am 10 years younger than he is that: (1) I have a HIGH stress job and life that wears me down; (2) I don't want to come home and massage his quads, back, or neck--I need pampering too! (3) while he has the WHOLE day to himself, I have snippets of time--early in the morning if I get up extra early, after work hours before I come home; Sunday when he is running with the group. I love him very much but I need time for me, to train, to sleep, to shop, to just do whatever!


Shelley said...

I hope you get that chance need YOUR time too!! You work so hard!!! I can't wait to hear all about your vacation!!

Ellie said...

I hope we come through with sunshine for you! We're on day 114 now (I think) without rain. Actually our little neck of the woods did get a little bit yesterday but Phoenix got none and neither, as far as I know, did Mesa.

Hey, you can walk the 10K if you have to..... I'm looking forward to seeing you!!