Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I did it again. Left my car door open at the Y. How does someone do something so stupid as this you might wonder (as am I). I now have an SUV, and always keep my workout things in the back. To get my stuff out, I forget I can lock the car with my keyless entry key (or whatever they are called). So I am still used to opening my driver's door, getting my stuff out, and then locking the car with the door lock on the driver's door. So today, for the third time, I opened my door, got out, went to the back, got my stuff out, and walked away. I had already locked the doors too. Today someone came up to me as I entered the building and told me I had left my door open. Sheesh. I asked if she was going back that way and she said yes, so I asked her to shut the door. Sometimes you have to trust a stranger. Later I got to thinking that it might not have been the smartest thing to do. My purse was sitting out in full view with my wallet right on top. I have got to train myself to stop doing this!

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