Friday, February 03, 2006

I forgot to write about what I really meant to write about earlier. My walk this morning. The weather has been beautiful (meaning no cold, no wet, no snow) for two weeks, with the last 3 or 4 days in the mid to upper 40s and no wind. No sun either, but that's the price we pay in West Michigan. We have lovely Lake Michigan to thank for that.

So this morning I decide to walk. I really didn't want to walk away from the Y too far because it is hard to see without street lights and it is in a metropolitan area, meaning residential and business but a little seedy in the residential part. I have been running and didn't mind, but walking seemed to be a little questionable to me. I decided to walk around the block of the Y. It is fully lit the whole way. I started wondering how far and decided it was about the size of a football field. Two times around and I was at 16 min. so I knew it was about twice the size of a football field.
Its always funny to think about the thoughts that visit you when you are walking or running by yourself, your observations, others out and about, etc. The first thing I see is a guy walking in the pitch dark with sunglasses. Hmm. The second thing I notice is the city parking lot had the gates up. Was this to be a "park on the city free day"? I doubt it, since the mayor thinks a tax increase would be appropriate. Then there are the drivers who go through red lights, go down the one-way street the wrong way, people dashing to catch buses, and how frequently people enter and leave the Y parking lot. I counted for a few minutes, and there was someone coming and going probably every 5 seconds.
Its funny how problems seem to work themselves out when you are walking or running alone with no music either. It has a calming effect. Could this be the "runner's high" they hint at? Its been so long since I've reached that I'm not sure. But this could qualify in its own way as such.

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