Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's official. I am now registered for the Lost Dutchman 10k in Apache Junction, AZ, on Feb. 19, 2006. I had originally considered doing the half marathon, and maybe still will, but I did not want to pay extra for a race I might not do. I really think I need to take this running thing a little slower than last year to avoid the same overuse injury I have had for too long. The only thing is, running a half marathon, I can kind of "bury" my slow time with the distance. With a 10k, you are expected to be somewhat fast (or rather, I would like to be somewhat fast). But right here, the pressure is off from me having to get to 13.1 miles in 6 weeks' time. I can do it, but it wouldn't be pretty. And I'm not sure how I will do in the warmer climate. I am not a good heat runner anyway.

But if my luck is as it has been for the past 2 years going to the Myrtle Beach half, there will be an unseasonable cold front that will blow through about the time I step off the plane in Phoenix. Extreme temperatures have happened with every long distance race I have done except one. Every marathon I have done has been in below normal temps for the time of year. Every triathlon I have done has been either abnormally hot or colder than it ever has been in that particular month (example: at my first Olympic distance tri, it was 97 degrees by the time I went out to run; my second Olympic+ distance tri, it was 43 degrees in the middle of Aug.)

I need to not obsess about the weather. And only doing 10k will help calm my fears. Now I just have to actually run that far!


Ellie said...

Yay, Vickie! You're in! Super!
Probably the high temperature on race day will be about 75*, but that will be long after you've finished. You'll probably be running in the 50's to low 60's.

We are now on day 104 of no measureable precipitation. It did sprinkle for about 5 minutes but it was a false alarm. You could stand out in it and not even get damp, but you could hear it and it did make little wet dots in the dust...

Vickie said...

That is amazing, no rain for 104 days. But isn't AZ a desert state?

As for the 10k, if I think I am able to do the half, I will transfer up if they let me. I just want to not push my luck here.