Thursday, January 26, 2006

I was reading the December Runner's World and read an article I can't remember the name of, but it was about what athletes usually do wrong in nutrition and hydration (another in a long line of advice articles, to be sure). What stuck in my mind was doing research on a specific group, they found that most athletes ran low on calories and water during a normal day. If they exercised after work or later in the day, this usually meant starting a workout dehydrated. It noted that if the athlete started his or her day with coffee and/or juice, they may go most of the day without taking in any more measurable amount of liquids, especially water. And if they skimped on calories during the day, this usually led to binge eating or overeating in the evenings. It was found that more athletes than not consumed the majority of their calories after 7 pm. Naturally this led to weight gain and inability to lose the extra pounds. (Don't quote me word for word here because I don't have the article with me. This is just a summary of what it was trying to say.) It got me to examine my own habits and while I probably don't fit into the being dehydrated category, the calorie thing was right on. For so long I have been skimping on morning calories trying to get a workout in and then not feeling like making anything for lunch, so either buying out and/or cutting calories. What I eat is usually nutritious but not enough calories to keep me going all day. Then dinner tends to be heavy to make up for being starving. When I wake up in the morning then I don't want to eat, and the cycle continues.

Anyone relate? Have you solved this problem?

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