Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pilates Wednesday. Back to Basics, Part 1.

This is the pilates/yoga pilates tape I have been doing for at least 5 years on and off (lately more off) (note VCR tape that's how old this is!). Anyway I was reading the blogs about all the core training, and I was reminded of my core program I started 5 years ago after continual back paid (muscular) and no improvement with other treatment modalities. Walking through Wal-Mart I saw this video after having just reading about pilates on line. Must have been fate. I actually wore out the first one and this is the second, same version. So easy (eventually) to do, no machines, ropes, bands, balls, etc. Just a simple video that has 2 segments, one basic pilates and the other more advanced yoga with pilates. Each segment about 20 min. long. Now who can't do that on any given day?? So I dusted if off this morning and got it going. Ahh the stretching, the ab work, the toning. I remember when I first started this program how the first 3 times at least I had no coordination with some of the moves, and definitely no core strength. It literally takes about a week to get in sync with this, but once you do you will notice results. I recommend this to anyone.

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mipper said...

i LOVE pilates. i use Winsor Pilates. I got mine almost 4 years ago... before it was big. i love how strong it makes you feel afterwards. and really, i agree, who can't do a 20 minute video (mine are videos too!)?