Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend Workouts and Sleepless Night

Since this is my first post, a little prelude. After running, tri-ing, and other athletic adventures for the past 18 years, I found myself in the throes of depression brought on by too many deaths in my family, some unexpected, some after a short illness, and one tragically by suicide. Suddenly after being a fit, in shape, athletic woman, I had become a depressed sad piece of humanity. Running, working out, whatever, was the only way I knew how to climb out of my misery and back into the world.

So I have consistently been working out since Jan. 1 without a day off. Here is my my recent weekend endeavors to train for the Apache Junction half marathon, the farthest I will run since last February.

My weekend workout consisted of more running base building. I am mainly running for time, but do keep track of distance. And I have been doing it all on the treadmill. So this week it was 90 min. Last week I did 75 min. of 4:1 run/walk for a little over 6 miles. This week for 90 min. I did 5:1 and 6:2 after the first 3 miles for a total of 7.25. I felt okay but my right heel was hurting. Foolishly, since I had to work afterwards, I put on a pair of fashion boots. Big mistake. My foot screamed the rest of the day for this dumb thought. There is no snow, but I wanted to wear something fairly comfortable (which they usually are) after that long of a run. But I didn't take into account that they did not allow any wiggle for my heel, so it was like it was trapped in a vice. I iced and did the ibuprofen bit and it eased up some. Slept okay that night but got up in the morning with it being extremely painful, tight, and sore. Iced some more. Decided to just do elliptical on Sunday. Two miles and my foot was starting to hurt. I was going to swim after but felt cold, tired, a little jittery and just not up to par. Had taken a sinus/allergy tablet before hitting the gym, and that most likely was the problem. Just didn't feel too good most of the day until after making dinner. My foot throbbed if I sat down (go figure) but felt okay standing. Had dinner for my daughter whose birthday is today (29 and holding!) so she and the kids were over a little later than I usually like having company. Started watching a movie with them, with them leaving halfway through, and ended up staying up to watch the rest. I couldn't sleep anyway because my foot was throbbing. Iced some more and tried to sleep. Got up, went to the computer and checked the Rock N Roll marathon results. Go Ellie! You rock! Iced some more. Went back to bed.

But then the mind started churning and these weird thoughts of Ironman wouldn't leave my mind. I was plotting my training. In my daydreams, I had a horrendous 80 mile bike ride. I told someone before the run to just whip me because it wouldn't feel any worse. So that got me thinking: Is this my deciding moment to do an Ironman distance race?? What was I thinking??!#?? I hate sharing my lane in the pool. How am I going to swim with 1800+ other people with the same goal of getting this race done? How am I going to ride 112 miles when 64 just about did me in 5 years ago?? How am I going to run/walk a marathon when running 7 miles makes me feel crippled? Its again all odds that I hope to accomplish this.


Ellie said...

Oh, wow!!! What a lot to ponder in one post.

Training for a half-marathon (on a treadmill, yet!!) and dreaming about an Ironman are very life-affirming things after so many tragic deaths. You are doing well to affirm the fact that you are living.

If, in your daydream, you got off the bike and knew it couldn't get any worse and kept on going..... I think there's an IM in your future! Pick a small one that's not on the IM North America circuit and you won't have the 1800 swim-mates!

Vickie said...

Oh, believe me. I will pick a low key race for my first. I have to get used to doing more tris so I get my swimming confidence back. I think I might die of fright with all those people.