Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Okay, here's how it looked this morning about the time I wanted to go out and run. The snow was coming down so fast, it only took 10 min. for my car to get covered. I opted instead to go to the Y again and do eliptical and swim. Better choice. I can't afford to slip and fall again like twice in the last 3 years, leading up to the two year backslide of slothfulness. Then while reading e-mails at work this morning I got one about a guy at work who had fallen on the ice on Sunday (a day after our last snow storm), ending up with a compound fracture of his left. Nice. And just when he was scheduled to run Boston. I am hoping he can get a deferment, since he already used his deferment from last year due to scheduling conflicts. He has worked so hard. And he is so humble too. These are the types of people you need around you. He is totally in awe that I can ride a bike 50+ miles and swim as far as I do, yet doesn't think a thing of his ability to run a marathon under 3 hrs! Well I'm plugging for his speedy recovery.

On another note, being consistent with workouts this whole month, my "fat" pants are looking looser and looser! Can't say I have really lost any weight because I won't weigh myself. I think all it is is getting the areas toned up that have gotten "jiggly" over the past couple of years. While I realize I probably look better than a lot of women my age, I still have a lot of work to do to get back to what I was in my 40s. I am not being harsh on myself, just realistic.

The indoor tri I am scheduled to do on Saturday has now finalized the heats. Fortunately I am in the one with my work friend. Unfortunately, there are two people who will be there that I dread. One is a skinny fast woman in her 50s who is quite smitten with herself and her ability to still run a 5k in under 20 min. She is also very critical of anyone who can't run at least an 8 min. mile. And I would bet her mile swim time would be under 30 min. easily. She is talented and fast and in great shape, I'll give her that, but she is not very nice.

One change to the indoor tri is that they are not going to be using air dynes! They are using mountain bikes on wind trainers! What an improvement. Those things make me feel physically sick.


Ellie said...

Go, Vickie! Running in the snow, weight loss, indoor tri, and CONSISTENCY!!!

Vickie said...

It ain't easy! I don't know how you do all you do!

mipper said...

great job getting to the gym.. when it looks like that outside my window... i go to bed. well, i did before we bought a treadmill. now i have no excuses.

good luck on your indoor tri. don't worry about the primadonna. i have a theory that people who put themselves above others usually fall pretty dang hard when their turn comes up. seriously, what goes around comes around. if you have a talent, share it with others and encourage them, don't look down on them because they can't do what you can do. that is my theory anyway. off the soapbox now. just smile sweetly at her while on the trainer. ;)