Monday, January 30, 2006

Since January was all about consistency (which I was--only missing 3 days this month), I decided February was going to be all about running. I had thought about challenging myself to run every day for a month, but that is impractical for a couple of reasons. First, I really don't want to run most days on a treadmill without some sort of workout plan. I can probably come up with 3 different ones each week, but that is to build base: one long, slow run, preferably starting at 1 hour and building; one circuit workout running and weights; and one interval run. The last two will be no more than 30 min. the first two weeks, hopefully building to 3 miles each by the end of the month. I also am scheduled to run something at the Lost Dutchman marathon in Apache Junction, AZ, on Feb. 19, so with traveling to and from, I most likely will lose at least one day. And then there would be the "big" taper I would have to do for whatever race I do (won't be the marathon). With upcoming races and training schedules, I am one mile behind what I should be for my long run, and I am not going to push myself to get ahead, because I need to remain injury free, and that has never been the way for me to go to get ahead. Patience I am hoping will get me to the finish lines I am planning to visit this year.

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