Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday, Busy at Work.

The boss has been gone most of this week and last, so now of course I am getting dumped on. Big projects due next week.

Got a swim workout in this morning: 30 min. , 1560 yards.

Indoor triathlon tomorrow so wanted to time myself for 15 min. but forgot to check my watch. I guess I could divide the 1560 by 2, but still can't be sure that would be accurate. If that were true, it would be 780 yards. That would mean I would be close to the end of the pool and have swam farther than other indoor tris. I'm not counting on it.

That said, after this tri I am going to concentrate on running to get in shape for at least a 10k the middle of February. I think I can do that, as opposed to the half marathon. That was starting to overwhelm me.

Stay tuned for race report.

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