Wednesday, January 18, 2006

5 Most Important Things to Do Today:

1. Figure out this blog thing!
2. Work on dad's medicare prescription drug plan.
3. Try to find affordable airfare and lodging for the Apache Junction Marathon and Half Maraton.
4. Fill out work performance review.
5. Get a workout in.

Actually, 5 should be 1, 1 should be 2, 4 should be 5, etc.

Well, I've accomplished at least 1 and 1/2 of the 5. I did get a workout in, not the planned one because I was just so tired today. Discovered that after getting to the Y. I was however committed to doing something since I was there, but only ended up doing a short swim workout. My planned workout was to be a bike/run, but after yesterday's two 1 mile repeats, my legs just weren't going to cooperate. That became more obvious after getting to work and climbing 2 flights of stairs to my desk. I had thought about going back to the Y at noon for a short spin class, but nope, not going to happen today. While I do not have a set-in-stone workout schedule, I do have some goals I want to reach, so I need to stay on track at least most of the time.

Speaking of goals. I am realizing more and more how goal/deadline oriented I am. I guess that does not make me a self-starter. All these terms I can use when filling out my performance review, which should and will be last on my list of things to do until I get it done. Its so stupid. I have to fill out my own performance review and then have it picked apart and edited by the people I work for. Efficient, huh? Eventually I won't be able to put it off.

And this medicare mess! Leave it to the government to make it so complicated even a genius couldn't figure it out. They make it sound so simple, but even reading through the informational booklet leaves my head spinning. This does have to get done before the end of the month!

This blog thing is also getting to me. I am anxious to link up with others but haven't figured this out yet. I try to put a face to a profile and can't figure out how to get my picture there. I can however get it on a post.

And then there is this airfare/lodging thing. I can't afford to spend that much to get to Phoenix, and from some of the reviews on the hotels, I don't want to stay in a dump for a week but can't afford the resorts either. Where I live, you can always count on adding $100 to any airfare going anywhere. We are not a small town, but we are not a Detroit or Chicago either. We are not an international hub, I guess you'd say. Every airline I check out has you first going either east to go southwest or through Chicago for a long layover, then to Houston. The shortest flights are at least 7 hours. It will get down to the wire and I will just book anything I'm afraid.

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Ellie said...

You've got the posting thing down. That's the major thing. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to figure out how to post photos, so you're doing excellently there!