Monday, January 23, 2006

Its Monday Again.

Why is it the weekends pass by in a blur? Sigh...This was a blog free weekend. Didn't read any, didn't post anything. My internet was not working right again! Second time this month/year. But it was also a good excuse to not start reading others' and feeling guilty about doing NOTHING on Sunday. I have been wanting a day like that for so long. Get up, don't get dressed, lie around, watch TV, read the paper, no computer time, and NO WORKOUT. I can't remember when the last time I had a day like that. Not that I didn't feel guilty. Or like a slug.

And I was very disappointed in my Saturday run. I had hoped to do at least 8 miles, but Mother Nature interrupted that process, since we got 5-8 inches of wet, sloppy snow overnight. But I had promised myself to get outside to run for once and I made myself do it. It wasn't terribly cold, and the BIG bonus was full sunshine. We had been going on a record stretch of no sun days, so that made the whole day tolerable, in an intolerable mess.

By the time I finally got all my layers figured out, water, a few amenities to bring (gel, gum, kleenex), it was almost 10:00 am. I deliberately took my time hoping all the regular runners would be done by the time I arrived at the park, but alas, there were still the ones out there doing 20 milers, and they were starting to trickle in. I wanted to run alone, at my pace, and didn't want to be interrupted by anyone else. Fortunately they were all whipped enough that they didn't strike up any conversation, other than one. The others assumed I was just getting done, and I didn't say anything to change their minds. I just sort of slunked out of the park and started my shuffle. I decided to do the last part of the loop first, to avoid the chance of skipping it altogether. It was actually quite warm going out, but as soon as I had to turn back, it was fully into the wind. I was sweaty already too so it was a battle of wills to not turn off again. Then I started the whine, I don't want to do this. Why do I think I have to do this? I don't HAVE to run a half marathon next month. I can always just run the 10k. And on it went. By this time I was starting to run into a lot of slop on the roads, my shoes were getting wet, my one toe was numb, and I was just downright tired. I should have just put it off a day, mentally and physically it probably would have been better. But to pass up a day in the sunshine would have been almost sinful. Then I was forced to run on the sidewalk, and that pretty much ended the run for the day. So instead of the 8 I had dreamed of, I barely got in 4. Went to the gym after and did a long weight workout and just went home and sunned myself on my porch. I was tired.

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Ellie said...

Well, under the circumstances you did great doing the 4! You're doing great (with the blog, too!)