Monday, January 23, 2006

Walking in Sunshine! Yep, you see it. Shadows. That means sunshine. Almost 3 whole days in a row! And mild temperatures (around 30 degrees). To make up for my total slothdom on Sunday, I decided to add to my morning workout a brisk walk during lunchtime. I know a 20 min. route through our small downtown, that takes you along the river, etc., but since that route was still covered with snow, it was slightly impassable today. So was forced to walk a loop, a circle, and still another loop to get close to 20 min. I always feel so much better too, but tend to use my lunch break to sit at the computer. (I know, I'm doing that too! While the cat is away....).

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Ellie said...

Very cool picture! Good job getting out there even in the ice.