Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yesterday was supposed to be my usual run day, but after a hard run Friday, a hard day at work Friday, another half day of work on Saturday, a semi-long bike ride (for me) Saturday, a late night Saturday, a whole day Sunday with family and food preparation, I guess Monday morning it caught up with me and I needed to sleep in a little. The plan then was to get a run in outside after work. It was a perfect evening. Mid-60s, no wind, sunny. But then I get a call late in the day to get home as soon as possible and dinner will be ready when I get there. Oh yeah?? So of course it wasn't, but it was the thought that counted I guess.
While waiting for this "dinner that was supposed to be ready when I got home," I figured it was a good time to go through the wardrobe and start weeding out the winter stuff and exchanging what I could from my spring/summer clothes. Some things I really did not want to think about wearing again. Others were still okay, and there were a couple of things new from the year before that I never wore because once I got them home I decided they didn't fit as well as I would like. That and the fact I had no shoes I could wear with some of this stuff other than the expensive orthopedic looking shoes I was forced to wear because of my foot injury. You just don't want to put a cute, nice, sassy looking dress on with flat tie shoes. Sort of "marmy" looking. I might as well have had a pair of taupe velcro walkers instead. Ugly.
I decided to try a few things on to be sure they would even be worn and surprise! Everything fit and was looking good. I had taken the chance of getting one new pair of sandles and those felt good too, as well as a pair of black heeled sandles. Geez, I might actually start looking like my old self. I might get back to the petite me, instead of the medium+ me. (Actually, that's NOT me!)
I have lost quite a few pounds up to this point, but can't say for sure how many. I do not want to weigh myself. I am going by how the clothes are fitting, and I might add they are fitting quite a bit looser.
Less weight makes it easier to run I am noticing as well. Not as much pounding. My morning run today was 45 minutes, so far the longest other than my long runs once a week. I am very gradually working up to longer distances, but still am keeping it slow enough to keep the heart rate under control, and do not hesitate to take walk breaks. I learned early on to first build base then speed, and I feel I am still a ways off from working on speed, although I sometimes chafe at holding myself back. I believe the long slow distance always builds far more in endurance than any speed work could, in my case at least, and I'm sure with others as well, and this applies not only to running but biking and swimming as well.
So it is looking to be a good spring so far!
On another note, congrats go out to Mike Kozlowski, a friend from here, who ran 3:06 in Boston yesterday. Way to go Mikey! Now go knock 'em dead at IMCDA!


Fe-lady said...

Congrats to several things...on cleaning your closet and having "clothes that didn't quite fit, fit now"-and your consistent training and weight loss!
Thanks for letting me know about the links thing. I enabled it without having any clue as to what it is or what it's supposed to do! I am still figuring the "blog" thing out! :-)
Funny- I have a pool acquaintance who is going to IMCDA who is also named Mike! (although I have never called him Mikey!) He is in the 35-39 age group I believe...and in in the airforce. I think he's a jet pilot. Really nice. Very focused...he's done about a half dozen IMs since two years ago getting ready for this thing! I think that may be one I would like to try in '08. After viewing the course at AZ IM, I really don't think I would do well on it...really ugly, multiple loops (yuck!) and WAY too hot for even a desert rat like myself!
Take care !

mipper said...

great job on the now fitting better clothes. i haven't weighed myself in weeks but i can tell by the clothes, i am going the wrong way. injuries suck. gerat job on your run and your endurance building.