Sunday, April 23, 2006

So here's the buzz around here. Funny thing, I just saw this thread on a TRI-DRS post. Stupid me, I thought it was just an abbreviation for Chicago running. And more brightness here, since I was going to Chicago that weekend, looked briefly at the thread thinking I might link up. Nothing about Chicago.

Then the other night at our group run, someone mentioned the ChiRunning method, saying how her twin sister was quoted in the book, etc., how she used the method when running Boston a couple of years ago, after suffering an injury. She figured she would just get through the race the best she could under the circumstances. But after attending a short workshop on ChiRunning, she was able to run the whole race without stopping, and of course she was sold on the benefits, thus the quote in the book. The concept with ChiRunning is to run pain and injury free. Now who wouldn't want that??

Naturally there were the pros and cons in the group, with comments ranging from "that's a lot of hooey" to curiosity in viewing the DVD. And naturally for me, always on a quest to improve something, especially running, I did a little research, reading some on it and then borrowing a book to further research. So far I haven't gotten that far into the book due to scheduling constraints, as usual, but I did manage to get my hands on the DVD and have watched it twice now.

After viewing the DVD, you can see how the concept works. There's a lot of good sense in the theory of ChiRunning. My main reason to try this method will of course be to be able pain and injury free. I have gone from loving to run to dreading to run because of all past injuries and constantly having something that hurts. And I hold back on my potential. After just getting back from the massage therapist and still having some pain, I have to look for an alternative to what I can do to prevent these injuries.

So I will attempt to put into practice this "new" (to me) method of running, running that appears, as the DVD shows, to be effortless. The hardest part of course will be in retraining myself. After viewing the DVD, I can definitely see all the things I and most other people do wrong when running, things that we have had pounded into our heads during training. (Examples: ChiRunning: swing your arms; other runners: pump those arms. (The idea here is that arm pumping wastes energy.); ChiRunning: run with a slight lean (so as to let gravity work with you); other runners: stand upright (making you a heel striker).) I could go on and on, and I was very surprised when they showed the contrast.

If I could find a coach in the area who had a workshop convenient, I would sign up without hesitation. However the closest is in Chicago on a weekend when it would be very difficult for me to attend. (Note: this particular coach is holding a workshop in St. Joe specifically aimed at Steelhead, and once again I can't attend that, but if anyone is reading and wants to attend, here is the website:

So now I am off to practice my chi.

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mipper said...

i skimmed that book in a bookstore once. same as you, the stuff seemed to make sense. i may go ahead and buy it if i can't find it at the library. let me know how it goes for you because that is something i have been looking at for a few months now (basically once the shin splints started).