Friday, April 21, 2006

Daffodils and Tulips. One of the most pleasant sights of spring. All the beautiful flowers. And this is what I see from my kitchen window. Really abundant this year.

We have been blessed with one of the most beautiful springs I can remember. Bike rides have started happening and the mileage is climbing. Its almost too good to be true. Today was probably one of the most beautiful days I can remember. Warm sunshine, light to no breeze, blue skies, almost like Montana weather. Montana is where my son lives, and I will be visiting with him after his having moved there last year. We plan to visit Glacier Nat'l Park, swing down to Bozeman to visit him, and head home detouring through Yellowstone. Bozeman is only about 45 miles from Yellowstone, so there would be no excuse to not go there.
A few posts today seemed to be filled with thanks for all the good things we have and the comparison from real life to training for an Ironman, and which might be harder.
For me, I can't make a definitive comparison. Ironman still scares me some, although I am moving more over the line of being less afraid all the time. Real life though? That can be down right hard. There is no escaping it. There is no putting off today, where you might put off a workout if things don't go right. There is no putting off a terminally ill parent, or a child who decides to end his own life, or elderly parents who need taking care of as much as your children did when they were young. Those things all happen and you have to deal with them the best you can. Ironman is something you make happen and hopefully it happens the best you can make it. There is a difference, although I am not lessening the effort, hard work, emotional rollercoasters, or anything else that is Ironman. So why am I afraid? Is it because I already know my life is hard enough and I'm not sure I want to take on any more? Lots of food for thought today.

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Ellie said...

Wow, Vickie.... deep thoughts!! And beautifully written, too.

I'd say.... stop and enjoy the tulips :-)