Friday, April 14, 2006

TGIF! Seriously. It has been a long day, not as long as others, but still hectic and busy. First things first. 7.1 miles again on the treadmill this morning. I had the luxury of sleeping in until 6 am because I wasn't scheduled to get to work until 12:30 (youngest son had 4 wisdom teeth pulled this morning; that would only be another $1200 this year, added to the $2500 last year for other dental work, plus dental benefits and $1500 the year before!). I can remember the days when I used to be able to run 7 miles on a lunch hour. Yes, that's right. Seven miles and back to work in 1 1/2 hours, including walking 4 blocks to and from the gym, and showering. Today it would take me about an hour longer to accomplish the same thing. Ah well, at least I am getting back to some semblance of mileage, albeit slow.

Slow really isn't that bad I'm finding. Slow has kept me from injury. Slow has kept me reined in doing what I can do, not what I think I should be doing. The only thing not good about slow is I don't feel I want to enter any running races at this point, although I am missing that quite a bit. But slow keeps me on track for my goals. I don't ache all day and don't feel dragged out and fatigued. Yes, I feel I need to rest after, but I can't always expect to go to work and sit and do nothing after.

And today was proof of that. I hit the office running today and didn't stop until getting home. And then its back tomorrow, so getting the longer run out of the way on Fridays (or during the week) is starting to work better than I thought and frees up the weekend to juggle bike rides depending on the weather, as well as other tasks and chores that need attending to.

This weekend it will be the dreaded taxes. I just have not had time to deal with them--mine and my dads. The forms are filled out--just need redoing and mailing.

This weekend it will also mean getting a bike ride in Saturday since that is the preferred weather day and Sunday is Easter. I really would like to get a swim in, but that is iffy at this point. I still need to do Easter dinner shopping, color Easter eggs with the grandkids, go to the cemeteries, and of course spend at least 3 hours at work. I was going to try to get to the local race and watch the finishers, but that's another iffy thing. I really do need to clone myself! Thankfully I got most of the house cleaned last week, so it will be pick up and laundry.

Do I try to do too much at once? Don't we all?? The thing that sets me/us apart from others is our needing to fit workouts in, but fitting those workouts in makes the whole rest of the weekend easier to deal with. Yes, there are times I just want to sit and do nothing, and I do from time to time, but not often. I guess I will have to wait for retirement.

Speaking of retirement, one of the women I work for retired today. She must be at least 62 but looks very good for her age. Married a second time and ended up with a very rich husband. So now she has traveling, gardening, and hobbies to look forward to filling her days. Don't you just feel sorry for her? :) I should be so lucky!

Well while I still have the contacts in, I need to look at the IRS website and plug away at these taxes. Happy training everyone and happy Easter!

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Fe-lady said...

Glad your running is going well. Seven miles before work is someting to be proud of. I am only going 5 or 6 and only four before work!
Hope you get some time off for Easter...too bad we don't celebrate it on a Fri or Mon so we didn't have to go to work!