Thursday, April 27, 2006

So IronShelley will be visiting on May 12-13. I use the word "visiting" loosely, as an Ironman/woman does not "visit" other Ironmen/women to just visit, as in what you do with your out-of-town relatives once a year, or catch up on news, or sit and chat, or go on outings. No, an Ironperson "visits" with one thing in mind: a challenging workout (or two in this case). One day will be for a long ride (100 miles). The next will be for this race This is the 25k National Championships race, and while it is our one big local race of the year, it also draws in some of the best elite runners and masters runners from all over.

All of this training of course is geared for upcoming IMCDA. The way her training seems to be going this year points to a good race. I'm not so sure for some of the others.

I am getting concerned about their lack of biking miles, but then 104 miles last Sunday in the cold, rain, and wind can't amount to nothing.

Of course for me, going to another IM race gets all those emotions of should I or shouldn't I crop up all over again. While you are caught up in the moment, it is pretty easy to say yes. But being the practical person I am, and rarely impulsive, I need to mull it over. Its just my nature. (From a Kolbe profile I took, I find I am in good company here at work, as probably 80% of the people I work with fit the same profile.)

While my confidence has been boosted over the past weeks, and my training is going okay, it will be interesting to see where I am when I get to the race. (I am not doing the race, just spectating and being support crew.)

And getting back to the ChiRunning concept, I am working on it. Last night I was out for 47 min. and actually felt really good when done. I'm still having trouble running the entire time, but before, after 47 minutes, I could be sure to be stiff and really sore after, but that didn't really happen. I know I am not fully getting the form yet, because my right hip (which was sore before I started this stuff) wanted to flare up last night when going to bed. It is more a need for an adjustment, so I am trying to keep positive about that, rather than thinking this is going to hurt me. As I said, after viewing the DVD, you can't help but want to run that way. It is so flowing and natural, and follows the same concepts of the Total Immersion swim program (which I need to brush up on my videos as I haven't been too pleased with my swim times lately): using less effort to accomplish a goal. I'm all for that. I know it works in the pool, so I'm confident it will work in running. But as with the Total Immersion program, it takes time and practice; I wish I had time to take clinics in both before June, but that isn't looking likely.

On another note, I am reaching the point of dilemma with weight loss: what do I do when my clothes are too big??


Shelley said...'s about me...LOL. I was talking to Lib and she seems to think they might all be signing up for IMFLA in ' can do this one Vickie!!!

Fe-lady said...

You get to GO SHOPPING! (Or go to the tailors and have them all altered!) spring wardrobe would be my vote! Yeah!

Fe-lady said...

Oh- and when I watched IM AZ I kept thinking, NO F'IN WAY would I want to be one this course right now! (Then I started thinking....)
So, it was opposite for me!
Have fun with Shelly!