Thursday, April 13, 2006

ITS NOT FAIR! It's 70 beautiful degrees out, no wind, and partly cloudy and I'm working! Had I known it would have been this nice today, I would have planned somehow on a bike ride today. The number of these types of days that we get this early in the year can be counted on one hand usually. I guess we are pushing the limit, as we are at 3 in a row now. Instead, I swam this morning because I have other commitments this evening-BUT-I could have brought clothes and taken an extended lunch. I've done this before and it works great. The Y isn't that far from the park where we ride during the week, and its not that far from work either, so I could have gotten at least a 15 mile ride in. Hmm, this will take future planning. Its a good way to get a fast ride in and makes you work hard to keep a fast pace so you get back on time. I did this a couple of years ago and usually could get 16 miles in under an hour, and usually closer to the 52-55 min. range by pushing it. Its pretty much a gradual uphill on the way out, so it is a fast return on a slight downgrade. Not too busy during the day either, so not many obstacles in the way.

But I did do my obligatory mile+ swim this morning. I thought I was keeping track of laps but found out after checking my watch I was way over my planned time, so I know it was longer than a mile. And I was late for work again because I didn't get out of the pool until after 8 am! I have found I get into a zone very easily and can keep going and going and going, and had I not started counting strokes a couple of years ago I'd be running into the end of the pool every time I swim.

Tomorrow is the again planned hour+ run. I am hoping I can get the 1.5 hour run in again because this seems to work so well not having to jam up my weekends, especially since this weekend is already jammed packed and I still have to figure out when I can bike because of Easter. And the Y is closed on Sunday, so no swim that day. I may just have to double up on Saturday and still do everything else, making Sunday a needed rest day.

Its this weather thing! So unpredictable.

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mipper said...

you may just need to keep a "bike bag" in your car or at work. then if it is a nice day, pack your bike along to work. still good job on the swim this morning!