Friday, March 24, 2006

This week has been busier than usual at work. I don't mind being busy, in fact I prefer it. But there is a limit, like not having time to get up and use the bathroom. Come on here. Its not a sweatshop!

But the workouts have been successful. Two runs, two spins, and a swim this morning. My 1000 yard time trial was 18:10, about 12 seconds slower than my last one a month ago (and I haven't swam in 3 weeks!), but still 1 min. 11 seconds faster than 2 months ago. I didn't start out with a time trial in mind. I just wanted to ease back into the swim after the 3-week layoff after having been sick and then just trying to get back to a routine. I had to swim in the "hot" pool, so felt a little sluggish and actually weak and just decided to stop at 1000 to get a drink. Looked at my watch and was quite pleased, despite the way I felt. Add to that my 15 mile 1 hour bike ride this week, and my attitude has been greatly improving. I realize a lot of my setbacks have been with my mind and emotions over the past few years, but I keep plugging on and occasionally I get a week like this one. Again, despite the way I have felt otherwise.

The race again that I plan to focus on as my main tri/race for the short-term is It is an Olympic distance race on June 17. I checked the results from my first time at this race and my swim was under 35 min. I probably can reach that again if I don't panic. The bike was a little slow as was the run (it was 95 degrees on the run!) so I am hoping to improve on both. The bike is do-able, the run is possible. I just have to get my head on straight and keep training over and above all distances to be sure I reach my goal of improving on my races of the past. I don't care if it is 1 min. better, I will be happy. I have been down so low since those other two races, that any improvement will be major, since I will have come a long, long way to achieve that.

Tomorrow: 1 hr. 15 min. run. Whatever distance I can achieve.


Fe-lady said...

Yeah...anything under 20 min. for 1000 is GREAT in my book! Sounds like you have a teaching job...not being able to get tot he bathroom! :-) Hard to work it all in smoetimes, isn't it? But you did it..(prideful look all over your face!)

mipper said...

awesome workout. sounds like you've got a great plan going for you. keep it up.