Monday, March 06, 2006

Catching Up on Sleep.

Had to finally be done. I swear, I have been sleep deprived since my first child was born--29 years ago. Yes, some nights I would get 6 or 7 hours, but a lot of nights it would be 5 or 6, and even as many nights 4 or 5. Not always by choice, especially the last few years. Just can't sleep for one reason or another. Everyone I work with swears by drugs, but I have avoided that crutch, and have lately just made myself go to bed earlier. Then if I do wake at 3 or 4, I can just get up. I don't necessarily want to leave the house at that time of the cold dark morning, but its not that I wouldn't either if the gym were open that early.

So for my Saturday run I actually ran out of time to do 2 more miles--BECAUSE I decided I was going to go to bed at night at a decent hour and not set the alarm. Didn't get up early enough then and didn't really figure this out until it was too late. This started last Thursday night, through Saturday. Three nights of 9 hours of sleep. That pretty much told me I desparately needed more sleep. This is what I did for a week on vacation, other than the day of the race and the day leaving for the airport, and I felt really good all day every day. I was more eager to get up and go out and run (that and the 60+ degree temps).

Other than running out of time for the long run, it went fairly well, and to top that off, it wasn't one of those mornings of dread getting up on Sunday and doing another long workout. Today is a scheduled day off, to give me the time off I need for tomorrow's workouts--run in the a.m., spin in the p.m. I know I can do this stuff when I am not so dragged out from lack of sleep. Instead of dragging myself like a zombie through a workout, I am going to just sleep longer if necessary. That and hopefully improve on the nutrition.

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