Friday, March 10, 2006

Naturally, one of the drawbacks of ever taking any time off work is the backlog of work when you get back. Not that it has to be that way in my office, but most of the time it is. The person who is supposed to cover for me is so lazy. She never does anything but pick up the mail. Everything else is ignored. (She's just SO busy doing nothing, you know??) I have to hand it to her though, she is REALLY good at one thing--delegating to others.

So all day I have been busting my butt to do the work that was left for yesterday. I doubt I will get it all done (so this is why I am wasting my time on a post?), but I will just need to come in tomorrow anyway.

There are so many lazy people in this office. You could cut the workforce by one-third and still we would be overstaffed. But it is just the way it has been for years and many of the lawyers are loathe to change it. They want their assistant all to themselves. They don't want to share. They need her. They can't work without her. Their work is more important. (Oh yeah, and it really shows at gift time!) So you have those of us who do twice the work as most, and those who less work than most, and those who do nothing most days.

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