Friday, March 10, 2006

Feeling sick today, and yesterday, and the day before, etc. Yes, I scoffed at Fe-Lady's suggestion to take some time off work. Nah, didn't need to do that. Got over the body aches and coldness, just had a slight cough and congestion. Then I wake up on Wednesday with a full blown something. Couldn't stop sneezing. My face felt like an elephant was sitting on it. My left nostril was burning. That and all the other things that go along with being congested in the head and chest. I get this stuff about every other year, so it must be the even years, because nothing last year. I have always been susceptible to respiratory problems. I remember having bronchitis a number of times as a kid. I also remember always having this horrendous cough. One of my first employers used to say, "You sound like you need an iron lung." (for anyone old enough to remember those!) At that time I foolishly smoked (in my 20s), so probably by now I would need one had I continued with that habit.

And then I had a couple of weird symptoms: my middle toe on my left foot ached (!) and my hands itched uncontrollably. I'm not sure, but I thought hands itching had something to do with either kissing someone soon or coming into some money. I doubt with my cough, drippy nose, and watery eyes that anyone would want to kiss me! As for coming into some money, I seriously doubt it. Money seems to slip through my hands faster than I can make it.

So I take Thursday off, but can I lay around and do nothing?? Noooo. Have to spend at least half a day driving my son from one appointment to the next (unplanned), to get his check from work, to cash his check, to stop and get him some medicine because he's getting sick. (see reference above as to money slipping from my hands). Then I had to clean the basement because the cable man was coming, etc. I was woozy from my head being so stuffed up and the antihistamines I was taking, plus that elephant on my face. I don't think I really slept all of Wednesday night either. And I had little to no voice left. During the night Thursday, I coughed so much my ribs and back hurt today.

So I am of course having to take days off from working out. I wouldn't care that much except next week is the indoor triathlon with my friend from work. While I am hacking away feeling like death warmed over, she is basking in the Bahamas, enjoying herself and doing nothing. And then she will come back tanned, relaxed, and beat my butt badly. Oh well, I know it will happen so I might as well look forward to it. :) I will most likely get some sort of workout done this weekend, but it will not be strenuous enough to cause any more coughing fits. And naturally the first warm enough weekend we get to bike outside, I have to feel like this. If it doesn't rain, I may still take my chances with that.

And actually I do feel better today. Truly. I am coughing less, blowing the nose less, and starting to hear some sounds out of my left ear. I still have to smile and nod when people say things I can't hear if they are not standing in my face, but so far it has not gotten me into trouble!

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