Monday, March 20, 2006

That's how I feel, even though I really haven't been totally slacking. After being sick for about a week, I still find I am really tired. I'm sleeping more than usual but can't get the motivation to get up early enough to go to the gym. Twice last week it was noon time workouts and twice at night. And its not like I am doing nothing, just NOT RUNNING. I am way off my miles for the month. Sunday I actually ran for 30 min. and it felt better than I expected. Last week after the Saturday ride, Sunday was a washout, since I still felt weak and not up to par. Monday I did do 20 min. on the elipitcal, Tuesday a spinning class, Wed. a spinning class, Thursday eliptical. Friday nothing. I had gone out with some girls the night before and was really tired then. It was dumb to do, but I have to admit these nights don't happen often. Went to dinner and a play. Didn't drink or anything but still went to bed really late (1 am), so Friday it was just get through the day. Ended up working until 6:45 pm that night! Maybe that's why Saturday I just couldn't get awake. I finally did get to the gym and did 15 miles on the stationary bike in 1 hr. so I was pretty happy with that. Sunday I was still tired but did make myself do the 30 min. on the treadmill again before other commitments took over my day.

So, I really need to refocus on the running. In my mind I see myself able to run 10+ miles effortlessly, but in reality it is more like 3-4. Running used to be so easy. Now an easy workout is swimming and/or biking/spinning. Why do I have such a block on running??

The good news is I have lost about 4 pounds. It is more than just being sick and/or not eating, because when I can't breathe or taste, I tend to crave chocolate, so have been endulging in that when I usually don't. The secret may be revealed later. In the meantime, I hope to continue on my 2.5 pound per week weight loss and see what happens by mid-June when I will do my first outdoor tri for the season. If nothing more, I need to focus on that race as my key race and see how I do. I have all these grand ideas of what I want to do this year, but I really need to get through that race before I can feel confident enough to attempt something longer.

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