Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today was a weight training/run day. I decided it was going to be nice enough weather that I would go outside again. I knew it would also be a little harder after doing my weight routine, since I am now up to 140 pounds on the leg press machine and I have consistently gone up in all weight exercises, so I figured it would just add a new twist to outside running. On the treadmill, it is easy enough to push myself to a faster pace, but outside, normallyI am content with running whatever pace I feel like.

I also had to compromise on what I would wear, since wearing my outside clothes would cause me to be too warm for the inside routine. I reached a happy medium by putting on the outside clothes and then layering with the inside clothes before going outside and then adding my jacket, gloves, and earband. It was about 40 degrees and partly sunny. Nice for January in Michigan.

So after my weight routine, I head out the door, out through the parking lot, up the ramp, and out onto the street. I am really feeling the legs today, and am thinking at this point I probably would just jog along. But then there's this guy riding one of those motorizes scooters ("you can go to the Grand Canyon in one of them") and starting to wonder if I can pass this him. Since I'm supposed to be doing a speed run, I figure it is worth a try. Believe me, it was a stretch to get past him before the corner. He says, "I'll race ya!" I laughed and said, "You'd probably beat me!" He says, "I could if this thing would get going." Anyway, you had to be there, obviously, but the end result is I did pass him with some effort.


Fe-lady said...

Cute- I could picture the whole thing as it happened. You probably made his day! :-)

Anonymous said...

That's funny!! My mom used to cruise around in one of those. I can just see you trying to outrun it :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I bet that guy had an awesome day because of you. Great job on signing up for the run!