Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Since joining the new gym, I was really hoping it would eliminate some of the problems and annoyances I faced while going to the Y. The main problem there was the parking situation, but another one of those problems was the locker room etiquette of most of the patrons. But when you have probably 100-200 women using a facility at the same time at any given time of the day or night, you can pretty much assume things won't be perfect. For example, anything you leave out either would "walk" away, never to be seen again, or would become fair game for anyone who chose to use. So everything was locked up at all times or you took your chances.

The new gym, however, is small, has a maximum number of members at around 200, and of those, probably only 100 use the athletic facilities on a regular basis. Mornings are when there is the lightest use, so probably only 5 or 6 of us at any one time need to "share" a space. For the most part, it works pretty good. Either Jan or I get there first, "stake out" our spot for getting ready, and then go do our workout. Up to this point, when we get back to the locker room, there might be one or two other women already getting ready, and maybe another one or two come in during that time to change for working out. No one bothers anyone, and we all get along well.

Since the first of the year, with all the "resolutionists" showing up (as is usual in any gym, I'm sure), things have gotten a little chaotic. I have held my tongue and have not said anything to anyone, just attempted to be courteous and respectful of space, mess, etc. I tend to spread things out sometimes, but everything gets moved if others need the space, and I always put my stuff away. One thing I have been in the habit of doing, though, as have a few others, is leaving my gym bag under one of the counters in front of one of the mirrors. The counters are pretty deep, so the bag is totally out of the way. One of the nice perks of being in the same building where I work is not having to take my stuff out to my car and having it sit out in the cold car all day where sometimes things freeze in the winter and melt in the summer. Then I just pick it up on my way out at night.

Last week, however, I went to get my things after work and my bag was gone! I'm thinking, where in the world could it have gone? Who would have taken it? And why?? I looked through all the lockers, on top of the lockers, in the corners, all with no luck. I finally found it jammed--and I do mean jammed--onto a shelf by the door where they keep all the locker baskets, for those who want to leave stuff there (indefinitely it seems!) and not pay to store things in a locker.

I was pretty irritated, since whoever did this didn't bother to zip the bag up the rest of the way, and stuff was falling out since it was jammed onto its side. So, when I finally found it, and went to retrieve it, half of my stuff comes tumbling out on the floor. I was more irritated. I was happy, however, to find that my things hadn't been stolen.

I pretty much figured no one in the morning would do such a thing, but since I'm not sure of who all goes on a regular basis during the lunch period, it would be hard for me to put the blame on anyone specifically.

So yesterday, it was the same thing. I worked out in the morning, and planned to go back to take the pilates class after work, so naturally left my stuff in the locker room. When I left the locker room in the morning, my bag was pushed under the counter, out of the way. It could not possibly have been in anyone's way for any reason, unless they were planning on taking a nap under the counter. Even if they had pulled up one of the counter chairs to use, and there was a slim chance the bag was sticking out, they could have just moved it over or pushed it farther back, so I can't think of any reason why anyone has done this. The weight alone would deter anyone from just doing this to be "helpful." They would have to have a bee in their bonnet to go to all that trouble to heft that thing anywhere! And once again, the bag is gone, again stuffed onto a shelf about the size of a milk crate, hanging off the edge for someone to run into or knock it off. What's going on??

Today, I put a note on it, saying Please do not move my things. We'll see if it is still there when I go to swim later!

There have been a few other things lately that annoy me (and others) and make no sense, and generally are just due to people's lack of courtesy for others, but I think this is the worst one right now. Jan says she leaves her bag on the floor by one of the counters and it is never moved, has never even been touched in all the years she has gone there. So what gives? Is someone targeting me specifically??

Craziness. Its everywhere!


Fe-lady said...

And rudeness is epidemic! Or should I just say "Cluelessness"-?
Common sense has gone by the wayside....it's a scary world sometimes (and you DON"T want to even know what is coming down the pike with all the loony kids I see in elementary and middle schools!)

E-Speed said...

weird! Hope your bag is where you left it this time!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fe-Lady, people have absolutely NO common courtesy anymore. If your bag is not in anyone's way just leave it the heck alone.

At my Y in the morning is always the same group of women and will all leave things all over the place. It works out fine because we all know each other's stuff and will move it over if it's in the way. Nobody minds and nobody would put someone else's stuff in a basket. How unbelievable!!!!

I hope your bag is where you left it tonight.