Friday, January 05, 2007


So almost back to normal now, after a weeklong of all the historic events going on here and a slight disruption to my planned schedule.

Monday of course was the 4 mile Resolution Run. I had originally thought of doing a reverse triathlon that day, but after the fatigue of the two weeks prior to this race, I decided it was best to stay home, get the Christmas stuff put away, and just take it easy. I didn't want to start the new year out with so much soreness I would suffer for three days after. It was a good plan, as I was very sleepy and tired by the end of the day and even the next morning.

Tuesday, I did get up and go to the gym, did my weights and speed run and pilates that evening. Not only am I going up in weights after just a couple of weeks, but the pilates is getting easier. Less stiffness and back/shoulder discomfort, which means less soreness in the days after as well.

Wednesday was a chemo day for my dad, and while I had on my schedule a short bike/run, that would have meant weaving through the 50,000 plus people still downtown to pay respects to President Ford, with the line starting right at the entrance to my gym, then turn around and leave by 8:45 and go through the whole mess again. So I stayed home and slept in an extra hour, with the intent of going to the gym after I dropped him off at home and after working hours. That didn't happen either, as there was still quite a hoard of people in town for the funeral events and a flyover by the Air Force jets. Everything was running behind, and the road report indicated highway backups 5 miles out of town, so I had to opt to go home another way and again bypass the gym. Wednesday evenings are when my daughter and the kids come over for dinner, and lately we have been going to the gym or pool after, but tonight it still didn't seem wise to get in the downtown mess, so we went out for a walk/jog from home. With it being 49 degrees at 8 pm, you just can't pass up the opportunity to get outside. My one grandson and I walked and jogged about 2.5 miles, so I used that as my workout for the day.

Thursday I had so many good intentions of running outside, but my work schedule just kept preventing me from really going out to run at any time of the day. I did manage a 1.25 mile walk to and from the Presidential Museum to view the grave site, which was still not open to the public, but which I missed by probably minutes being able to view, since I saw on TV that evening an interview by one of President Ford's old friends and former museum curator, who was the first to go through the line. He was being interviewed as I walked through the grounds. My next planned run time was going to be right after work, but before I even got out of work, it started raining. And it rained, and rained, and rained. Hard. That hard soaking rain you can't even see through. So I hit the gym instead, and again did my weight routine and speed run. The run was easier that day than on Tuesday, since Tuesday I was still fatigued from the 4 mile race. But I still feel like I need to work on getting faster in that short amount of time.

Friday, I veered a little from my planned swim workout and did a spin class instead, much as I said I probably shouldn't. I'll see how it goes. I probably should and could work in at least one spin class a week, and next week I will add at least a one mile run after.

Tomorrow is the first day of the new training program for our 25k on May 12. The Grand Rapids Running Club has a great mentor group. I have started this program many times over the years, sometimes getting through the whole thing, other times only getting to 9 or 10 miles, so I guess if I use the "do or don't do, there is no try" philosophy, I will do. If I don't make it, I won't do. For me, this will be the catalyst of all my training this year, so it is important I start now. If I can do this 25k in May, I can do the half IM in August. I don't think I will follow the "official training plan" but stick with my old tried and true training from my very first year doing this race, before all the Internet training plans were out there for experimenting with, when all we had were books to follow. I still remember the first year, all those long, lonely, and that year bitter cold runs to get ready for this race, all by myself, just comparing notes with others, with no e-mail network or anything for support. No special outdoor clothes, just a nylon jacket and pants over tights. No water bottles, just stashing water on the course, hoping it wouldn't be frozen when you needed it. We were a tough group! Mental toughness, that's what I want to get back to.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you had a good week. Boy, I remember the "old" days before the internet. That's when I started running. All I had was little booklet that the man who started the Honolulu Marthon wrote. It gave you 9 months to train for a marathon. Looking at it now some of the info it contains is dangerous. It's a miracle we survived.

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you're getting started on your 25k training. Hope your dad's treatments are going well.

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and your training are now ready to take off. Have you read the book-"Multi-sport Training" by gale Bernhardt. It's great. My spin teacher gave it to me. I was having a hard time balancing things out and this helped. Good luck to you!