Thursday, January 04, 2007

Overall, a pretty amazing day yesterday. Suprising was the emotional connection all of us here in GR felt for this man and the events taking place. Its hard to really take it all in, with all the media, attention, political big names, etc. All in this town where I have lived most of my life.

The Presidential Museum is within walking distance of where I work, on the banks of the Grand River, where so many of us jog and walk frequently. It has always been a peaceful area to run through, especially in the early morning hours, watching the sun come up east of the river and the museum, and seeing the reflection in the mirrored tiles on some of the buildings nearby. The museum was the impetus for getting the river bank area here revitalized, amd it has been a beautiful addition to our downtown area.

The church where the funeral was held is about 2.5 miles from my house, on a corner that I pass by almost daily. The motorcade procession followed a route I also take often, as I travel around town and then home. So much of this familiar and part of the daily lives of so many here.

Not enough words to describe how we all feel here. I guess special and fortunate are the best ones I can think of now. A moment in time we won't soon forget.

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Anonymous said...

I watched alot of the funeral on TV. It was very emotional. Thanks for sharing the photos and your thoughts.