Friday, January 26, 2007


Well, I have been forced to switch over. From what I have seen on others' blogs, it appears to be going smoothly enough, so time will tell if I have the same luck. One thing I have noticed different when people who are on the new blogger comment on my blog is that I have the comments come through on my e-mail, and now when they comment there is no return e-mail address to respond back. I want some dialogue with people who comment and don't feel I can do that now. Or maybe I just don't know how? In any event, if anyone can pass on to me any tips for being able to respond back to comments, I would appreciate it.

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Flo said...

Welcome to the dark side :)

Actualy, I don't find it bad at all. There are a couple of annoying quirks but nothing serious.

As for the comments, I was noticing the same thing - no return e-mail address. I wonder if there is someway to change that in your personal settings or something. I'll have to look later.

To answer your question, yes, it's a Kestrel Talon 2005 model. And it is sweet.