Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Okay, I've about had it with spiders. I know they are one of God's creatures. I know they have a purpose. I also know some people like them. Its not bad enough when they crawl across my kitchen counter or stove as I am cooking; its not bad enough when they drop from the ceiling in front of my face; its not bad enough when they crawl out of my bath towel or drop into the tub after a shower. Its not bad enough when they crawl across my computer screen or TV as I am sitting there working or watching. No, that's not bad enough. Bad enough is when they crawl up my coffee cup as I am having my morning coffee! (Shivver)

I can't help it now that I itch all over. It happened the other morning too when I swatted one off the counter and I could have sworn it crawled up my leg. I had that creepy, itchy feeling for quite a while after.

These generally are white or light colored spiders. I don't know what variety and don't care. I just want them to go away! You can't see the darn things until they are right there. I am constantly scanning the ceiling and corners for any signs of them balled up in their nests or whatever it is they live in. I rarely see anything. So where do they come from?? Its a mystery, one I would like to solve. Any ideas on sending these creatures back outside where they belong??


Shelley said...

Not sure where they come from, but being that I live on the water, I'm always having to spray the house to get rid of works Vickie..I have NO spiders and I am deathly afraid of them...

Anonymous said...

I could always send you up some of our lizards to live with you. When I first moved here I'd freak out if I saw a lizard in the house, until I found out they eat spiders. They are now welcome, especially since I've realized they are quite harmless and don't bite.