Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Its hard to believe the first month of the year is almost over. As for workouts for me, it is. A new phase for me has been to keep track for a full month already of my daily workouts. Not really a numbers thing, just writing down what I do every day. If I spin, I just write spin. If I run inside or out, I indicate that and how much time. Unless I'm on the treadmill, I don't always know what my outside distances have been, but I do indicate time. So I have something for every day of the month on my calendar. The shortest workout was only 10 minutes, but it was something. I'm not sure how the following months will go, since I expect to increase workout distances and times, so taking days off may lead to those 10 minute swims, if nothing more.

Looking back over the month, I see accomplishments, which to me equal progress. Four races this month, almost one a week. Only two really planned, so maybe being spontaneous at times has its benefits. I started spinning the first week in January and decided it would complement my other workouts. I also added weights back into my routine on a regular basis, and have been consistent with attending the pilates classes, which I feel have helped me strengthen the neck and thoracic spine areas that were injured.

A comment Sharon made to my last post was wondering what I was doing this year compared to last year at this time, particularly after coming back from the accident, that improved my indoor tri distances. I can honestly say there probably were 5 things that have brought me to where I am this year compared to last.

First, last year I was coming off more than two years of severe depression, intermingled with a foot injury that didn't seem to want to go away, probably preventing me to a degree from getting over that depression.

Second, starting this blog. My main reason a year or so ago of starting this blog was to first connect with other like-minded people and next to help get me back on track with workouts and goals--being accountable. Both criteria were met. The encouragement and inspiration I have gleaned from all of your blogs and mine have helped me get my train back on the track, and I thank you all for that. And pushing myself to get back to regular exercise helped lift the depression and find myself again and actually discover a new me.

Third, I discovered Chi Running, which for me really turned my running around. I still have many miles to go before I can get even close to my running abilities of the past, and with age I doubt I will get as far as I did, but I expect to go farther yet this year.

Fourth, was pushing myself through all the tris I did last year, almost impossible as they were for me at times, in an effort to reach goals by the end of the season.

Fifth, was the accident. Not that I would recommend this to anyone, of course, but it did give me a new motivation to gain back the ground I lost and hopefully get almost back to where I wanted to be by the first of the year. It also gave me a time off period that most likely rested me enough for the first time in years so my flexibility returned. I wouldn't want to take 2 full months off and do nothing every year, but I clearly can see the benefit of time off from running, biking, or competing for at least 2 weeks a year, maybe 4. As long as I can do pilates, weights, swim, or yoga, I can be happy.

Today, to wrap up the month, I did an outside run. I want to run outside at least once or twice a week in the cold months, so I will be more accustomed to it again once the good weather returns. I really don't know what the temperature was, but I wore my face mask and I can say that really helps. You feel the cold, but you don't feel cold. And as I've said before, early morning running usually means no wind, so it is tolerable as long as you dress in layers and don't stay out too long. Running from the gym, the sidewalks were mainly clean and dry, unlike yesterday when another blanket of snow hit us.

Tomorrow's another month!


Flo said...

That's a great month. You really have made great progress. You make me feel like a slacker :) I'm going to steal your calendar idea. I have a wall calendar with giant boxes, I think I'll put down what I did every day instead of my plan (which is what I do now). Here's to a great February.

TxSkatemom said...

sounds like amazing progress! You're the second person I've heard speak well of the Chi running thing -- I'm thinking I'm going to have to investigate further and see if it might help me out at all.

Fe-lady said...

I was just thinking about all the training and racing you have done this month today as I was slogging thru my morning mileage-wishing I could move my body I need to race more!
Your "comeback" month is probably much more than the average age-group triathlete -certainly at this time of year! Congrats!

WADDLER26.2 said...

You have an amazing start to the year. Keep it up and you will have a phenonmenal year. Kudos to you!