Monday, July 31, 2006

The Road to Glory is Not Paved With. . . .

Not sure what the ending is, but I could add my own. Regarding the virtual "race" within the office, even though I have clearly done the miles and entered my mileage log on time, no official win has been forthcoming. In fact, there was the somewhat expected question about my having reached the goal so soon. Apparently, and according to the "conversion chart" we are supposed to use to log points that equal eventual miles, my 169 miles of biking in one week, at an average of 15 mph, doesn't fit the "norm." The chart says 10 mph, so exactly how fast was I biking? No way I was biking 15 mph in 55 min. Its not on the charts. I think the chart has been adapted from the Mall Walkers Guild of America. My HR person actually wanted to dispute the fact that since my 15 miles didn't figure on the 10 mph chart, it somehow wasn't right--or didn't count. (I know this sounds confusing, but it actually makes no sense the way it was presented to me either.) I told her about the wonders of bike computers and the fact that I normally bike faster than this in races and in training, but somehow the concept of anyone, let alone me, biking 15 mph blew her mind.

So I guess we'll see what happens. Its disappointing only in the fact that after all the work, there are no congratulations, only disbelief that anyone could achieve 175 miles in one week. I know what I did, and I can live with the sniping, but I still want my prize!


Fe-lady said...

I will be the first then to congratulate you! I had a similar experience talking with my mom about the spring tri I did last weekend. I had sent her a note with some photos and she commented that she "didn't know I was going to be doing another race soon". When I mentioned I won my age group, she said, "how many of you were there, two?"
Now...what in hell difference does that make? There were three actually. And one lady was just coming off of chemotherapy. But we were there...trying and tri-ing.
Sometimes you have to blow your own horn only to those (like us!) who understand!
Apparently the office staff your work with doesn't!
You are a true champ in my book!

Fe-lady said...

SPRINT tri...but you knew that.!