Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Last night we had some pretty damaging thunderstorms, so the gym was crowded this morning with people who had no power. A couple of people I know do personal training (not regular Y people) were there. The one woman has even made her own videos and has been on local public TV from time to time with a weight training show. She was talking about no power, and then she says to me, "I see you once in a while. You are in really good shape. What types of workouts do you do?" I wasn't sure whether to be flattered at first or wary, thinking she might be trying to recruit me, but she seemed sincere so I talked with her. I'm not in that great of shape, but it was nice to be told that. Of course once you mention you do triathlons, they think you are Wonder Woman. No, not me. Not yet.

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