Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I took my bike back to the bike shop yesterday and at least have some hopeful news that they can fix it (broken front derailleur) without having to wait a week for a part. Thank goodness for one mechanic with some imagination. He at least was willing to take a chance that another brand would work, 99% sure. That's what I like, someone who can look beyond what is and figure out what might be. I guess that came from growing up with a dad who always found a way to fix something even if it meant using something different.

Next week the July 2006 Bike Odyssey begins, and I don't want to risk being without a bike or worrying if something will mess up, like the chain coming off. As it is, I will be without my car and will have to deal with a loaner that hopefully will be big enough to transport my bike. I also don't want to risk any major problem for the tri this weekend. I don't know this course and am not sure how hilly it is. I don't shift off the big chain ring that often anyway, but you never know when you might need to. Better than griding up any hills at 5 or 6 mph in a "sprint" distance tri. There are a couple of people in this race I will be thinking about the whole time, and hoping at least one will be behind me, but knowing it is more than likely she will go whizzing by on the bike. The others I would just like to stay reasonably close to, knowing my chances of beating them are slim to none. A flat here would help! (not mine of course)

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