Friday, July 14, 2006

OBSESSION--Grand Rapids to Traverse City or Bust!

I said I didn't want to get obsessed about my workouts anymore, but here I go again! This work contest has gotten me going. I want to win this thing in the worst way. Not necessarily for the prize, although that would be a sweet reward, but just to do it. To have a goal that I know I can do and do it faster than anyone else. I want to win to win. Don't they say the ideal job is one you would do for free? That's the way I feel about this contest. I would do it just to win and not for the prize. I want to do it to put me over the edge on my training too.

I am not talking about taking 8 weeks or whatever to accomplish this thing. That would be unquestionably easy. I am talking about getting 175 miles done in 2 weeks or less. That's where the obsession is coming from. How can I get 175 miles covered in 8-10 days? The best way I know how is on the bike.

Right now I am calculating and recalculating the best way to accomplish this--how many miles can I cover in one day without doing myself in? It will be short term, so I should be able to stick it out without too many modifications. But I need a Plan B for weather detours. So stay tuned for THE CONTEST and the PLAN TO WIN starting July 24.

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