Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I am irritated about something I learned today. I found out today a woman in my age group who will be doing her second tri this Saturday should have been DQ'd from her first race in which she took third in the AG. Not that it would improve my standings any, but there was a 4th place person who could have taken home some hardware. What happened was she wore a 2-piece suit to swim in, no wetsuit, and then stripped and changed into bike shorts in transition. The rules say no nudity. Why didn't someone report her then?? She is the type who always gets away with things too. And she is also an exhibitionist, so even if she didn't know she wasn't supposed to strip, she would have just for the thrill effect. Now she has been talking to some other women about what she's going to wear for the tri this Saturday--2 piece suit, change to bike shorts for the bike, change to running shorts for the run. Apparently she is treating this as much like a fashion and skin show as a triathlon. And why would anyone want to change that many times for a sprint tri?? Its obvious--for the effect.

It will be interesting to see if she gets away with it again.

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Fe-lady said...

Sounds as if you should stay as far away from this psycho woman as possible..hopefully someone else will report her. She should try wearing the same thing for the whole damn race and shave min. off of her time...I could only think that she is using up valuable min. by showing her booty!
(I would alert the race director before the next race...anonymously of course!)