Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A couple of funny things from the tri on Sunday. One I've already mentioned, where the young woman asked if I needed help finding my bike. Another was when a young guy frantically was asking me (don't remember what I was doing, but I must have looked like I knew something) if I knew where T2 was. "What??" "T2. T2. Do you know where T2 is? I know where T1 is." "Yeah, its right where your bike is." "Oh, thanks!" It must have been his first tri. That's why you've got to love those sprints. Where else would someone dare to ask a question like that?

The other thing had to do with a woman in my age group who I know from doing tris. We have been competing with each other (not against) for the past several years. She does a lot more tris and other events than I do and always has. I think I remember her from my only running days, and I'm sure I used to beat her there every time. But getting into tris was another story. The bike is her thing, and I have yet to come close to her in any tri. BUT I do always outswim her. The first few tris we were in, she actually accused me of cheating and cutting the course.(??) I think if that had happened, someone would have noticed and I would have been disqualified. After she accused me of this a few times I finally just said, "No, I just swim faster than you do." So Sunday we are looking at results and while I saw her at the start of the swim, I never saw her again after that. She apparently passed me in transition, where I usually see her, but this time too many bikes. (When I finished, I actually had the stupid thought briefly that she was still behind me, since I didn't see her pass me.) I see from the results that once again I beat her on the swim, but of course her transition to bike was faster, as well as her bike and run. She says, "well you beat me on the swim again. You just swim faster." Glad that finally sunk in.

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E-Speed said...

lol. good to know that that competitive spirit doesn't die with your 20s :)