Thursday, August 17, 2006


Its been a long time since I felt I needed and deserved to taper before a race. Usually, I'm scrambling at the last minute to be sure I can do at least most of the distance I plan to cover in a race, so I keep the same pace going right up to close to race day. But after doing two triathlons and my long 176 mile week over the last 3 weeks, along with another close to 100 mile bike week, my legs were telling me to slow down. So this week it was taper time.

Tapering to me means doing half or less of my normal weekly workouts or mileage. One swim, one run, one bike this week only. Off Monday and Friday. Race Saturday. We'll see if this works.


Fe-lady said...

Good luck in your race! Which one is this? I will be sending you positive energy tomorrow!

Vickie said...

Thanks! I think I will need it. Its another Olympic distance tri--Three Rivers. I never did this one before so have no idea of the course, other than it is hilly. Yikes! My hope this time is to mostly run the run and I should be okay.

TriBoomer said...


Your taper plan looks good to me.

Good luck in your race tomorrow.

Stay tuned...