Saturday, August 12, 2006

Here's the actual story:

Alger Heights Hardware destroyed in fire
Saturday, August 12, 2006
By Theresa McclellanThe Grand Rapids Press
GRAND RAPIDS -- Firefighters remained on the scene Saturday in the Alger Heights business district, where fire destroyed a hardware store and caused water damage to two other businesses.
The blackened roof of the Alger Heights Hardware Store is caved in and yellow tape still cordoned off the Eastern Avenue and Alger Street intersection.
Neighbor Bob Alliston heard fire trucks after midnight Friday and left his Griswold Street home to see flames shooting from the hardware store roof. "I looked around and saw one neighbor just crying. Everyone seemed in shock," he said.
Owners of the businesses live in the tight-knit neighborhood on the Southeast Side.
"People were saying they will support them," Alliston said. "Everyone has put their heart and soul into these businesses. So there is a lot of hope out there that they can bring them back. But it will be a lot of work."
Alger Heights Hardware owners Bill DeJong and Keith Buys reopened the store in 2002 after it had been closed a few months. The store had been there 47 years until the previous owners closed doors and moved to Wyoming.
Also damaged were Sundaes in the Heights ice cream parlor and Gathering Grounds coffee shop. Both shops had opened just last month.
Alliston said Sundaes owner Barbara Bush was watching the blaze in shock.
"She said it would probably take her three days to take it all in and just cry."

Hopefully they will all be able to rebuild and I am hoping to get the smoke smell out of the house soon! I still smell it and it is on everything I own, and I was one block away. I can't even imagine what it would be like having it be my house.

On another note, today is a low training day. I need to taper for next week's tri, Three Rivers Triathlon/Duathlon another Olympic distance. I'm really not sure if I am ready for this or not. I have been tired the last few days, which I suspect is due to the 176 mile week I did two weeks ago. But I had Friday off and Monday as well, so hopefully that will allow me to not only catch up on sleep but relax. I do need to get a longer run in, either Sunday or Monday, and then it will be rest until Saturday.

Weather today was only in the low 50s this morning, so I am really glad the race wasn't today. I'm sure the water is warmer than the air by a good 20 degrees. Only time will tell what next week will bring.

The race locale is in southwest lower Michigan, so it is likely to be somewhat warmer there, and the projected 8-day forecast is higher than normal temperatures with more precipitation than normal expected for this time of year. So I have to wonder if it will be steamy and wet for the next race. I guess that's how I will be able to judge my real progress.

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