Sunday, September 16, 2007


I've been away from long run training for too long. Plans this summer came to an end with the ankle sprain, so I'm finally getting back to it. After the triathlon last weekend, the plan was to start the running back up again.

I put it off yesterday because I really felt I needed new shoes. Got those, and what a difference it makes! I learned long ago not to put that decision off too long or I would end up suffering until I did.

Today, it was actually colder than yesterday, but the winds were calm and the sun was out when I left the house. I did wear tights again, gloves, and a headband, along with a long sleeved turtle neck and my underarmor short sleeve shirt over and was perfectly comfortable until towards the end when it was starting to get warmer.

It really was one of those crisp, calm, sunny mornings we wish we had every time we went out to run. How perfect! The squirrels were skittering here and there, frantically trying to hide away their winter stash of nuts, brought on most likely from the cold snap. But according to the weather forecast, they'll be languishing in the heat again later this week! I'm sure it will be back to shorts and singlets by Friday. Crazy weather we have here!

My plan was to get at least an hour and 15-20 minutes in and I ended up with just that. It was slow going, as I expected, but I was keeping the heart rate under control. Unlike Don, who thinks there's no walking in running, I am more than happy to take walk breaks when doing long runs. He just cuts it short if he's tired; I plan to do walk breaks to get me through.

The route I took ended up being a lot hillier than I had thought about. I haven't done this route in so long, I forgot how hilly it was! I used to do my hill repeats on these hills. How could I have forgotten! Sunday mornings early are always good too for running in my neighborhood, because hardly anyone is out and about until around 10 am, when they start heading to church, so I can freely run in the street, instead of risking tripping on the sidewalks, as I am prone to do.

I probably covered 7 miles or maybe a little more, slow, I know. But even while I lament my slowness, it doesn't bother me that much. After all, I would much rather be out there doing something slow than sitting there wishing I could.


bunnygirl said...

Hey, you wear Brooks, too! Yay!

It's still in the 80s and 90s down here, so I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the concept of frost, tights, headbands and all that.

We live in a pretty big country, I guess! :-)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Don't worry about the time at least you got out there. And on the hills.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I can't imagine breaking out the headband quite yet, but I may be wearing tights on my commutes soon.

jahowie said...

Definitely better to be a little slow than to be sitting on the couch. Nice job on the run!! :-)

See Zanne Run said...

ahhh ... love the long runs! and the chillier, the better! we too, are finally getting a taste of your weather - i haven't brought out the tights yet, but its long sleeved running weather. crisp, sunny - great days for running! way, way better to be out there & slow than inside!