Wednesday, June 27, 2007


As I was getting ready for my run this morning, I could hear just the faint tinkling of my windchimes. The windchimes always catch my attention because, without fail, they have been an accurate predictor of weather to come.

What it means when they start making their music is that we will get rain and just as likely will get a storm. They never tinkle otherwise. Ever. Funny thing, the weather report I had heard just 5 minutes before said no rain until later today or tonight, and the radar didn't even indicate anything coming. Yet, the windchimes knew.

Sometimes when I hear them, its an almost spooky or ominous sound, with them barely moving, barely making any sound. Just a precursor of things to come, like they are possessed of some magical powers of clairvoyance.

No one really believes me. They think I'm crazy. But I can say without a doubt that the windchimes are always right.

Still, I didn't take the warning to heart, tending to believe the radar and weatherman, but figuring the rain would come in later as predicted. I headed to the gym, dropped my bags off, and within a few minutes headed out on my run. It was with complete surprise then when I got to the outside level of the parking ramp where I start out that it had--guess what? Rained. Just a shower apparently, because the ground was wet but nothing coming down. Oh well, I had been looking forward to the run, after having put it off for a few days. It wasn't any cooler than yesterday, and actually felt more humid, particularly now with the brief rain shower, but it had to be done.

Today I wanted to test out a couple of things I figured I would need to do on the Steelhead run: pre-run nutrition and running/walking. I have made steady progress with my running in the past month, not fast by any means, and that's not really a concern right now. But continuous forward motion is, and I have gotten better and better at that. So why mess with a good thing? Because I know without a doubt that I won't be able to run even 6 full miles that day without some walking, even if it is only for a minute or through water stops.

I decided then on a 10 min. run / 1 min. walk, planning on drinking water then too. I was pretty glad I had decided this right off, because the humidity was so high, it was extremely hard to breathe. I had to work to control the breathing the whole time in fact. When the walk break came, I was grateful. It was hard getting going again though, so then I started questioning this method. But I stuck to it, turning around at 34 minutes. Just as I turned to go back, it started raining again, first sprinkles, then a downpour. And I could hear the faint rumble of thunder off in the distance. I didn't mind the rain. It actually helped the breathing a little, but I really didn't want to be out there with lightning. So I continued on, but did take my 1 min. walk breaks, all the while it rained and thundered. So far so good.

By the time I hit 50 minutes, I knew I was over the worst of it. I was drenched from the rain, and that helped keep me cool, but the bad part was I had on a white shirt and white running bra so by now they were basically transparent. Oh great, just what I wanted to look like coming back into work with the rest of the crowd. I was going to have to sneak in the back way.

When I was nearing the last few blocks, thats when it really started raining, thundering, and now lightning. Do I cross the river on the bridge and risk electrocution or cut through the park and then across the bridge was my concern now. Might as well get it over with. If I'm going to get struck, someone at least will see me on the bridge.

I made it back to the gym in 1:06, 6 miles at 11 min. pace and a negative split. But next time I'll listen to the windchimes.


Phoenix said...

Wow! That was quite a run!

I always justify training in any weather - you never know what you're gonna get on race day. Lightning, however, is a different story!

Glad you're ok!

Shelley said...

you were right and now we are getting your rainy weather..:-))

Flo said...

Negative split because you were being chased by lightning??? Just kidding. I love running in the rain.

bunnygirl said...

Hee! I have a neighbor with windchimes and I always know it's going to rain if I can hear them.

Who needs

Fe-lady said...

I love running in the rain if there is no lightning!
Good for you for sticking with your plan and completing your run! PLEASE send us some RAIN! (we saw lighting in the far southeast today, so maybe, maybe in a couple weeks it will reach town!)

SWTrigal said...

Can you send me a copy of those windchimes? I would like to know when I am going to get caught in a storm. I am very impressed you ran in a storm like that..We don't get enough rain here in the desert to be too worried about that..probly need to practice though!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Negative split because you high tailed it back to the gym?

Next time, pay closer attention to the wind chimes :)

TxTriSkatemom said...

one of my fastest 4-mile times ever was me trying to keep ahead of lightning -- it didn't start until I was as far away from my house as possible and then Bam! out of nowhere it started up. Hightailed it in a big bad way.

When my chimes are blowing, it's a south wind that sets them off and I know better than to even try to get up!