Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Or at least that's what I'm thinking. If I have to do all this training, what could make it more fun than having a training buddy?

In trying to find a solution for my Steelhead training, I started working on Jan today, getting it in her head that this was something she could do. She just took a Total Immersion swim workshop over the weekend and had been saying how much more she enjoyed swimming already. Lightbulb goes off! So on our track run workout this morning, I casually say: "Why don't you sign up and do Steelhead with me then?" "How about I just come and watch and run the last 5 miles with you?" "Oh, you can't pace me, that would be outside help." "Oh."

Just to give you an idea of how Jan works, once she makes up her mind she wants to do something, it then becomes a major project for her to perfect whatever it is she's doing. So I know this will be the same for her. If you think I'm bad about wanting things to be perfect for me, she is worse. I guess its just in our nature.

I know she wants to do a half, but she hasn't been thinking of it for this year, so in her mind she doesn't think she can. But I know she is a much better biker and runner than I am, so its just a matter of her getting out there and doing a few long bike rides.

I also have been "talking" with Triathlonmom about her success at the recent Eagleman half Ironman race. She has been most encouraging, and has given me a few training ideas that will prove to be helpful, I'm sure.

So keep your fingers crossed that Jan decides to sign up for Steelhead. She wanted to know if they give out medals. "Yes! Big medals. And you can get your picture taken with the IM finish line stuff too." (Her dream is to do a full IM) I will do anything at this point to talk her into this! But I will probably pay for this: who knows what she will drag me into next year!


Phoenix said...

Ironman, here you come!

My prediction - you will talk her into a half this year,she'll talk you into a full for next year - its the next logical step!!

Go, Vickie, Go!

TxTriSkatemom said...

fun times when shared with friend! I'd love to hear more about her TI workshop -- the next one near me isn't until October.

TriFeist said...

Pusher! Be careful who you get addicted to long distance triathlon. You'll find yourself at the start of an IM somewhere. :)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Having a training buddy would rock. Hope that works out for you.