Friday, June 22, 2007


The new HP movie is scheduled to come out July 11, when I will be on vacation. So my daughter Renee calls today to tell me where we should go see it--At the IMAX Theater in the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

Tickets went on sale at noon, and I got mine at 12:05. The cost per ticket was $14, so I'm figuring 14 x 6 = $84. That was enough to choke a horse right there, but then the surcharge of $4.75 each brought the total to over $115. Yikes! It had better be worth it. Just another family event, right?

I might have to do some gambling before or after to pay for this one!


TxTriSkatemom said...

I've got to get tix for the HP showing at the Fort Worth museum IMAX. I'm hoping we get a bit of a break being museum members, but I doubt it. It's going to be awesome! and then the next week it's Book the Seventh!

Fe-lady said...

Wait for the will be out before Christmas I am sure! :-)