Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I don't know why I didn't sign up for this race in the first place, Racing for Recovery, but I didn't. I think by the time I thought of it, Don and his buddies had already signed up for the half and had their arrangements already made, and I didn't want to butt in on that--I do not want to share a hotel room with two guys, especially when they are both doing the half. And I foolishly thought I didn't want to drive 2+ hours just for a sprint. And I had originally thought I would be doing the Oly race on the 16th.

The race is on Sunday, June 10. The race I am signed up to do is on Saturday, June 9. It is likely to be a duathlon now because of e.coli found in the water. (The reason for this is sewage runoff, and due most likely to the hard rains we had Saturday and Sunday.) Registration is still open. I can actually get a hotel for under $75 close to the race site. Should I bag the other race and go to this one instead?? And if I wait until Friday to see if the problem is cleared up, will that be waiting too long??

What would YOU do? Why do I always put myself in these situations of not being able to decide, always looking for the perfect arrangement??

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Phoenix said...

I would bag the probable duathon and do the Race for Recovery. It'll be a fun road trip and you won't have to swim in sewage.

Even if they said they cleared it up, I would still be thinking I was swimming in poop for the whole swim. But that's just me.